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InterAct visiting Schule am Schloss

On Tuesday, October 01, 2019, we had the great opportunity to welcome three teaching-artists from the English speaking, intercultural oriented organization InterAct. The mission of InterAct is to enable students to better learn the English language through the arts - watching as well as performing. The team of the three teaching-artists that visited our school are not only native speakers and actors or artists, but also professionally trained in language education.

InterAct had prepared an eventful and thrilling agenda for a complete day full of arts, interaction, communication and fun. All together building the ideal ground to spend a joyful day at school and to speak English all day long.

For all our students, it was a great experience to have the possibility to communicate in English the complete day, yet in a relaxed and playful environment. The experienced teaching-artists of the InterAct team ensured that all students were able to follow the agenda and all the conversations. Their engagement and motivation have been a great contribution to the success of the event.

There have been many different activities during that day: Among others those included singing songs from Ed Sheeran after practicing the correct pronunciation and discussing the lyrics of the song; also, practices from theater rehearsals have been executed, e.g., trying to construct or represent a T-Rex, a lighthouse or a house - in a group of five people and without any additional "materials"; last but not least, dancing performances have been practiced and exhibited.

Summarizing, we very much enjoyed having the InterAct team with us and will gratefully remember this eventful day, thank you!

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